Travel Insurance - equatorial wild safaris
Why Travel Insurance?
– “Because you never know what might happen to you while you are travelling”!

When you go on a trip either locally or abroad, you wouldn’t want your memories to be tarnished by the long-term financial costs of an unforeseen accident or emergency for which you were not prepared for.  Our travel Insurance is an affordable, hassle free way of ensuring that this never happens.  The cost of all the great benefits you enjoy with our Travel Insurance is very small when compared to how much you are spending on your travels.

Travel insurance has been tailored to meet all needs of our travelers in all categories, whether as Individuals, Corporate Business Travelers, students and Groups. For your own peace of mind in a foreign environment do not leave home without your Travel Insurance Cover.  Our travel insurance is tailored to cover accidental injuries, medical expenses, loss of personal effects and travel delays, hijack, personal liability, legal expenses and much more.

We know that it is never easy to invest extra money in something that you may never need.  However, we also know, through experience, that you will be really glad you made that small investment when you find yourself in a situation that you need to use the comprehensive insurance cover you subscribed to.

Contact us for full terms, conditions, exclusions and endorsement of the policy.

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