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Akagera National Park Rwanda

Akagera National Park Rwanda, Akagera River National Park, Wildlife in Akagera National Park, Attractions in Akagera National Park
Akagera National Park is a little piece of heaven found in Northeastern part of the Republic of Rwanda along Rwanda’s boundary with Tanzania. Akagera National Park is named after River Kagera, Akagera Park currently covers a land area of 1,200sq kilometers. This is dominated by tiny lakes and swamps because of the zigzagging of River Kagera. River Kagera is the most distant head-stream of River Nile as well as Lake Victoria’s largest tributary. The different water sources form a spectacular network making an amazing Eco-system.

The History of Akagera National Park

Established in 1934 to protect wild animals and the varied vegetation, Akagera is the biggest protected wetland in Africa.
The Akagera National Park used to cover a land area of more than 2,500 square kilometers in the past. However, by 1997 the size had reduced to nearly 50%, due to the need to re-settle the 1994 Rwanda Genocide refugees. This led to a great deal of poaching and also the cultivation of food on the parkland. Leading the government of Rwanda reduce the size of the park to just half its initial size.

Wildlife in Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park prides in having a variety of habitats that support a great profusion of wild animals including 12 species of Antelopes. Some of these include; the tiny oribi, duiker, borhor reedbuck, the handsome chestnut-coated impala, the Eland which is the largest in the world, and the topi among others. Of the primates, olive baboons, vervets and the secretive blue monkey are seen during the day, with bushbabies often seen on night Other common animals include elephants, zebras and predators like The various wildlife in Akagera National Park can best be seen during game drives or boat trip on a Rwanda Safari with Equatorial Wild Safaris.

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