Business Tourism-Conference Arrangements - Business Trips Within East Africa
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Business-tourism is a permanently varying factor within the tourism-business in East Africa in general since industry and trade in East Africa is growing continually and rapidly.

International and Local Investors have discovered the secret in sowing their money-seeds in various exciting and profit yielding investments worth billions of international and local currencies in the East African Countries. The good political and economic climate with straight and welcoming policies has enhanced business and investments in this region.

East Africa also, has of late been host to numerous conferences, fairs, seminars, workshops and presentations than it has ever before and still more and more is yet to unfold in the future.

As a result, many plush hotels of the luxury class with all the international amenities like ultra modern conference rooms and good atmosphere have been set up in the major cities and towns of the region. In Kampala for example is the Serena Hotel, Imperial Royal Hotel which are a welcomed addition to the plush hotels in the city. The main advantage of most of the hotels in the city is that they are situated within the Business centre of the city and near the headquarters of the United Nations (UN) in Uganda and an enormous presence of National and International Humanitarian, Environmental, and Non Governmental Organizations.

The neighboring countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda also offer numerous well equipped conference centers. Take for instance, Arusha, a town in Tanzania, hosts the headquarters of the East African Union which has five permanent members (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi).

At Your Service!

EQUATORIAL WILD SAFARIS is best placed in organizing all your business trips as well as conferences, fairs, seminars, workshops, presentations within East Africa. Our role in the organization will include among others, the choice of the most suitable conference venues, comfortable accommodation, provision of transport, qualified translators, catering, ticketing, as well as any other necessary services. In short – your business trip when in our hands is a guaranteed success.

Business Tourism-Conference Arrangements - Business Trips Within East Africa

Where necessary, EQUATORIAL WILD SAFARIS will also make appointments and organize meetings with key departments like the countries Revenue Authorities, Investment Authorities and any other government departments necessary to facilitate your business or investment setup.

You could as well combine your business trip with some leisure activities like visiting health/massage parlors, shopping, city tours and site seeing, and possibly even a safari if your time permits.

There is definitely the possibility of practicing sports. For the golf lovers, just in case you did not know, East Africa has some well-kept golf courses, in all their cities and major towns. Take this opportunity to clinch lucrative business deals, create business and personal relationships as is the norm on golf courses worldwide.

We assure you of our professionalism in ensuring that your Business trip is a success much to the benefit of both you and your business partners.