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Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is A home to the prestigious gorillas that lies within the virunga volcanoes that stretches Southwards to Rwanda and West to DR Congo. Covering just 38km2, it enjoys a magnificent setting on the northern slops of the virunga volcanoes.
There are two rare primates amongst many other wild life and these are the mountain gorillas and golden monkeys that can be tracked and one can climb the dormant volcanoes to stand simultaneously on the border of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.
The park has also a few populations of elephants, leopard, buffalo and more than 12 bird species.

The park also offers the unique Batwa forest experience; the Batwa being and most marginalized, voiceless and endangered group of people in Uganda and the region. The trip around the Batwa involves a discovery of a cave and traditional home of the Batwa King all this and more complimented by cultural dances in the cave.


Both upmarket and low cost/budget lodging facilities available around the park and in the nearby Kisoro town. These include :

  1. Sabinyo Silverback lodge
  2. Mount Gahinga lodge
  3. Lake Chahafi Resort


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